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Enabling real-time company communications easily and efficiently

Mark Palfreeman
Nixplay Signage Founder and CEO

Keep your teams focused and motivated

You know what great things your company is achieving. But do your employees? With centralized management of multiple displays in various locations, Nixplay Signage helps you improve communication between departments, strengthen internal relations and focus on your key goals.  

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Real-time communications, no matter the distance

Whether it’s an upcoming event, a company-wide announcement or an urgent directive, Nixplay Signage enables quick and real-time communications to reach your teams regardless of time or distance. Celebrate milestones and achievements, broadcast industry insights or simply alert staff to new products and offers so they can keep customers in the loop with the latest information.

How it works

Your advertising platform to monetize

Your corporate digital displays can also be turned into an additional revenue stream. Sell advertising space across your network of screens – then use your network to tell the team all about it.

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