Bridging communications across students and faculty

Deliver important messages through connected technology

"Form and function exist in perfect harmony with our ingeniously simple display design.”
Mark Palfreeman, Nixplay Signage Founder and CEO
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Engage with today’s tech-savvy students

Today’s students are digital natives. With Nixplay Signage, engage your students through interactive technology that speaks their language. Take away the hassle of posting print messages in campus-wide corkboards.

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Streamlined campus messaging

A key benefit of employing Nixplay Signage across your campus is the ability to centrally manage your communication across the whole facility. Update students and teachers with important announcements, information and alerts, provide visual maps for students and visitors, and even update timetables and classroom plans at a moment’s notice.

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Encourage participation and build lasting relationships

Keep morale high and boost student engagement throughout the school year by promoting events, extracurricular activities and field trips. Then, harness the power of social media by sharing photos and video to keep people talking about your events and celebrations long after they’re done.

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