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Mark Palfreeman
Nixplay Signage Founder and CEO

When a simple touch goes a long way

We all know that great customer service is at the heart of every successful hotel, and Nixplay Signage lets you elevate your guests’ experience to the next level. Whether it’s a personalized greeting upon arrival, customized news updates on an in-room display, or simply showing an up-to-the-minute weather forecast at the front desk, it’s always the little touches that keep people coming back time after time.


Personalized, relevant real-time messaging

Nixplay Signage software lets you take control of your
network of display screens and upload content via playlists
to specific locations. This means you can broadcast one
message to guests sitting in the executive club, another to
the attendees at the event in the function suite, and
something else entirely to patrons at the lobby bar.
Business travellers can also make the most of our real-time
messaging functionality to enhance meetings and

How it works

An easy to manage advertising platform

Better still, you can use Nixplay Signage to bring in extra revenue by promoting local attractions through
advertising packages. Now that’s something worth checking in for.

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