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Instantly display key messages to patients and staff in multiple locations

"Form and function exist in perfect harmony with our ingeniously simple display design.”
Mark Palfreeman, Nixplay Signage Founder and CEO
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Launch eye-catching messages in fast paced environments

When it comes to healthcare, accuracy, clarity and efficiency aren’t just desirable, they’re imperative. Nixplay Signage lets you streamline emergency messages, announcements and educational content wherever they are needed to capture attention when it really counts. Digital displays can also be used to communicate waiting times, queue lengths and other important service announcements in real-time across multiple locations.


Educate, entertain and inform

Introduce easy-to-navigate options to help your customers make ordering decisions, and encourage diners to try new dishes by providing eye-catching extra content. Ensure key menu items are visible and prominent at the right time to make your sales soar. Or, drive engagement on social media through photo and video displays to expand your customer base.

How it works

Schedule and communicate your messages

Schedule playlists to broadcast key advertising promotions and services to a targeted audience, boosting your revenue streams and bringing maximum benefit to patients. And ensure patients with hearing impairments are privy to all important communications, promoting inclusiveness and bolstering patient confidence.


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